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Dell XPS

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Dell XPS ac adapters, power cables and chargers – Make sure you don’t overpay

The Dell XPS range of laptops are basically Dell’s fancy laptops. Most of the Dell XPS range if focussed up at the premium end of the market, with most of the laptops typically having industry leading specifications. Of course for all this performance, there is a matching price tag, but the good news is that most of the Dell XPS Chargers are standard and are a bit cheaper than you might think.

The Dell XPS series are quite new onto the market, so most of the replacement XPS power adapters that we supply tend to be due to the original item being lost – not due to product failure. We hear some very interesting reasons as to why a new Dell XPS power cable is required, ranging from the dog chewing the previous one, to the item being left in a hotel room after a business trip.


Dell PA10 Charger

Most of the chargers for this series are known as the Dell PA10 Charger, which is the most common Dell XPS battery charger released. All our Dell power cables are purchased through licensed Dell channels and therefore you can be assured of getting exactly what you expected and not some inferior version of the same thing.

We realise for some people the process of finding a charger for your Dell can be confusing, so non-technical customers are assured we can take you through the process step by step. Give our team a call and let us know the details of either your laptop series, or alternatively if you have your previous Vostro ac charger with you, we will be able to work out every easily which is the item you require.
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